The most rated poker games on Androids  

The most rated poker games on Androids  

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Android phones are today in big progress. Everyone has one. You can download any app from Google Play Store and play on it, and the poker apps are something what people downloads very often. They play poker every day on their phones, and in those ways they make themselves better players. Here are some of the most famous poker games, which are played on smartphones. There are three most popular and most rated games on Google Play store and the y are Zynga Texas Hold’em poker, Live Hold’em Pro and Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe. Here are some helpful advice for you. 

ZyngaPoker1The first one is Zynga Texas Hold’em: For this game, the download lasts only few seconds, and then you can enjoy in this beautiful game. This game is, of course, not for real money, and you can play it to improve your poker skills. When you finish with creating your account, they will give you 60 000 chips for free.

This is so good for beginner who had never played this game. You can play against all sorts of people from around the world and you can compete in tournaments.  When you log in, you will have the free slot machine where you can win 3 000 000 chips for free. Also you can win small prizes, and this one is the biggest. You should know your limit no matter what in order to keep your money balance. Many people don’t have this ability, and they lose many chips. Its popularity is based mostly on its reputation and good features like Shootout tables and sit’n’go way of play.

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The second one is Live Hold’em Poker Pro. It is almost the same as Zyngas and it has some minor differences. This poker has lower graphics and lower quality audio effects but that is not important. The most important thing is that you need a table and visible cards and your game can begin. You can adapt all sorts of strategies here. You can compete with another player on these special online tournaments. It is excellent poker if you are looking for good fun and some way to make money.

device-androidThe third one is Texas Holdem Deluxe and it is one of the three with high reputation and is basically very similar to the other two. This poker is great if you are trying to improve your skills and to improve your way of playing.

Nonetheless I should mention that there are some really great vintage pokers with five cards in hand and they are very similar to those in the old casinos. You are playing it against your phone and it is very interesting. It is made only for fun purposes and for those type of people who are remembering those old poker machines.

Anyway, these are some of the most rated poker games. Check them out if you want to start playing poker. Pick your favourite one although they are very similar and have only some graphics and audio differences.

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